Participating COBRA Partners

We’ve made COBRA painless for HR. Employee Navigator’s integrated TPAs automatically receive notification of loss of coverage events, which significantly reduces employers’ administrative duties. All employers with over 20 employees are required by federal law to offer employees and their dependents who lose health coverage, whether voluntary or involuntary, the option to continue coverage at their own expense for between 18 and 36 months. Federal regulations apply to companies with over 20 employees, and most states have legislation covering companies with fewer than 20 employees. The option to continue benefits must be offered to employees who were enrolled in medical, dental, vision, HRAs, RX, Healthcare Spending Accounts when the participant’s balance is positive, and EAP plans that provide clinical services prior to the qualifying event loss of coverage. The fines for noncompliance are $100 a day by the IRS. TPAs are used by most employers to take care of notifying employees of their rights and also to collect premiums for those who wish to continue coverage.

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